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What Parts Of A Motorcycle Need Lubrication?
Jul 10, 2018

Motorcycle Daily maintenance Work is an important one, is to maintain the running-in parts of the good lubrication status, which is to maintain a good motorcycle operation of the necessary work.

(1) When the handle of the clutch hand feel heavy, then drop a small amount of oil in the hands of the installation, in the drip oil, to constantly grip, let go, so that oil into the joints inside. At the same time, the clutch wire rope should also be oiled. The clutch wire rope of the car is immersed in oil, there is generally no problem, but for the old car, because the wire rope is short of oil and the hand is delayed, the clutch is heavily manipulated. So, timely refueling lubrication.

(2) Add the oil around the handbrake and the installation part of the accelerator wire rope.

(3) Lift up the car ladder, the transmission of the empty file, the chain coated with a small amount of butter. In the course of driving, the butter on the chain is very easy to dirty, so the chain is often short of oil. Before applying the butter, use a small amount of petrol to wipe off the dust and dirt.

(4) When the hand brake handle heavy, must be in the wire rope around the joint drops of oil, oil, will immediately feel brisk. Of course, brake control heavy, braking effect is not necessarily bad. After lubrication, the operation is easy, braking and spirit, the better. If the oil, brake control is still heavy, and the braking efficiency is poor, only overhaul, adjust the brake clearance, there is no other way. In the brake to lubricate lubrication, pay attention to the oil should not be too much.

(5) Raise some oil on the brake pedal shaft of the foot.

(6) If the foot brake pedal back is not good, then the sediment will be attached to the shaft neck, should be removed from the sand and the pedal shaft to inject some oil.

(7) in the pedal arm and adjust the screw around the injection of a small amount of oil, the action must be brisk, at this time, such as braking clearance adjustment, it is inevitable.

(8) in the shift pedal and rod place filling oil. In addition, the thread should be coated with butter and then fastened to prevent rust.

(9) Add the oil on the sliding part of the auxiliary frame or vehicle ladder. In addition to the sliding parts above, there are many, where there are mechanical movement of the parts are friction, sliding. such as the foot brake starting from the pedal, to adjust the clearance components, everywhere there are sliding friction point, everywhere should be oiling lubrication. Where the need for lubrication of the site, there will be dust, dirt, dust, dirt should be cleaned and then oiled lubrication. The new car to prevent dirty, where there is lubricant parts, are used cellophane. The exposed chain is more susceptible to dirt and dirt. Chain a lack of oil, on the "Ka, ka" hair ring, so, timely to the chain oiling, is very important. Lubrication chain should be used as a special chain of butter, if no special butter on hand, with oil lubrication can also be.

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