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What Are The Processes Of Hot Metal Processing?
Jul 10, 2018

What are the processes of hot metal processing? What are the physical or mechanical properties of the metal material that have changed after hot processing?

Metal thermal processing refers to the process of making the metal material produce plastic change recrystallization at the same time, which is higher than the recrystallization temperature. There are many kinds of hot processing technology, including: hot rolling, casting, forging, welding, heat cutting, thermal spraying and so on.

For some low melting point of metal materials, even at room temperature for plastic processing, is also part of the hot processing. Representative materials are: lead, zinc, tin and so on.

Thermal processing enables a metal part to be formed while improving its microstructure, or to change the crystalline state of the formed part to improve the mechanical properties of the part. If through hot processing, such as hot rolling, forging and so on, can eliminate casting metal or alloy in the casting defects; in hot machining, the coarse technology-chang segregation and various inclusions in the material casting blanks. The finely elongated shape along the alternating direction will form the fibrous tissue or streamline organization in the heat processing and make the mechanical properties of the metal materials have obvious anisotropy.

When the steel parts have serious inclusions segregation in the casting state or the temperature level is low when the hot plastic deformation is processed, the banded sister weaving of the microstructure which is banded into a layered distribution along the direction of the cross shape will appear in the steel.

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