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Process Combination Of Metal Heat Treatment
Jul 10, 2018

"Four fire" with the heating temperature and cooling mode of different, but also evolved different heat treatment process. In order to obtain a certain strength and toughness, the combination of quenching and high-temperature tempering process, known as the Quenched and tempered. Some alloys are hardened to form a saturated solid solution and are kept at room temperature or at a slightly higher appropriate temperature for longer periods of time to improve the hardness, strength or electrical magnetism of the alloy. Such heat treatment process is called aging treatment.

The pressure processing deformation and heat treatment are effectively and tightly combined. The method of obtaining good strength and toughness of workpiece is called deformation heat treatment; the heat treatment in negative pressure atmosphere or vacuum is called vacuum heat treatment, it can not only make the workpiece not oxidized, do not decarburization, keep the workpiece surface smooth after treatment, improve the performance of the workpiece, can also pass through the infiltration agent for chemical heat treatment.

Surface heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process that only heats the surface of the workpiece to change its surface mechanical properties. In order to only heat the workpiece surface and not excessive heat into the workpiece inside, the use of heat must have a high energy density, that is, in the unit area of the workpiece to give greater heat, so that the surface of the workpiece or local can be short or instantaneous to achieve high temperature. The main methods of surface heat treatment are flame quenching and induction heating heat treatment, commonly used heat sources such as oxygen acetylene or oxygen propane flame, induced current, laser and electron beam, etc.

Chemical heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process by changing the chemical composition, microstructure and properties of the workpiece surface. Chemical heat treatment differs from surface heat treatment in that the latter alters the chemical composition of the surface of the workpiece. Chemical heat treatment is to put the workpiece in carbon, nitrogen or other alloy elements of the medium (gas, liquid, solid) heating, heat preservation for a long time, so that the workpiece surface infiltration of carbon, nitrogen, boron and chromium elements. After infiltration of elements, sometimes other heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering. The main methods of chemical heat treatment are carburizing, nitriding and penetrating metal.

 Heat treatment is one of the important processes in the manufacturing process of mechanical parts and moulds. Generally speaking, it can guarantee and improve the performance of the workpiece, such as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and so on.

It can also improve the microstructure and stress state of the blanks, so as to facilitate various cold and hot processing. For example, white cast iron after long annealing treatment can obtain malleable iron, improve the plasticity, the gear adopts the correct heat treatment process, the service life can be multiplied or dozens of times times than the gear without heat treatment; In addition, the inexpensive carbon steel has certain valence alloy steel properties by penetrating some alloying elements, which can replace some heat-resisting steels, Stainless steel, the mold is almost all need to undergo heat treatment before use.

With the increasing sophistication of laser and plasma technology, this new technology is called surface modification by applying these two technologies and applying one layer of other wear-resisting, corrosion-resistant or heat-resistant coatings on the surface of ordinary steel workpiece to change the surface properties of the original workpiece.

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