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How To Clean The Metal Heat Treatment Black?
Jul 10, 2018

After heat treatment to black, that the heat treatment is ordinary heat treatment, did not protect, the surface produced oxide film, the formation of ferrous oxide and four oxidation of iron oxide film, according to specific conditions, can be the following methods to become silvery white:

1, sandblasting treatment: With quartz sand spray parts of the surface, the oxidation of the skin, exposing silver-white matrix.

2, shot blasting treatment: the surface of the steel shot spray parts, the oxidation of the skin, exposing silver-white matrix, while making the surface of compressive stress, can improve the surface fatigue strength, hardness and wear resistance.

3, acid pickling: with acid (according to the situation can choose sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, HF or their mixed acid) wash off the oxide film.

4, Non-flammable: painted white paint will become white.

5, electroplating: such as galvanized, chrome and so on. 

6, mechanical surface treatment: polishing, polishing, brushing, rolling light and so on.

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