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Motor Parts Repair
Jul 10, 2018

The insulating sleeve of the motor fittings is complete without crack and no loosening phenomenon. Lead connection should be strong, insulation resistance value at operating temperature of 75 ℃ should not be lower than 0.5mω. In the brush device, the requirements of the lower edge of the brush box and the surface of the motor parts 2~4mm, separated from the General Assembly caused by brush in the brush box, if it is hard brush, it is likely to fracture. Brushes in the Brush box should be flexible sliding, brush box inside the hole surface smooth, inside the brush box aperture to dimensional tolerance for H10, axial dimensional tolerance for H8. Brush width and thickness tolerance D11. Brushes and brush Box wall clearance should be in the 0.1~0.2mm, clearance is too large, brush in the brush box to produce tangential swing, affecting the normal work of motor accessories; the gap is too small, so that the electric card in the brush box, resulting in a similar welding arc burn copper ring surface.

Overhaul of the motor accessories to carry out a detailed inspection: The motor fittings-type work surface is smooth, there is no burn marks, streaks and other defects. Requires smooth working face, should not rust and grease. Motor parts insulation external lashing should be correct, good coating. If not very good treatment, you can use synthetic resin impregnated weft-free glass ribbon banding, in order to prevent the motor running when the leakage of mica flakes scattered. Motor accessories and shaft with the combination of the ring and insulation cover should be firmly, with a small hammer tapping copper ring with a set of copper coordination, should be metal sound.

Brush and ring contact should be close. The pressure difference between the brushes should not exceed 20% of the average. There is a brush device winding rotor asynchronous motor, the electric shock on the short-circuit ring and the blade on the motor fittings uniform contact, contact area of more than 60%, to avoid the rotor single-phase operation or the contact overheating loss of elasticity. For the electrical accessories minor burn marks, hemp points, brush marks and other defects, can be used oil stone, fine file grinding, and finally use 0th emery cloth to play light. In general, it should not be easy to turn the motor parts, because turning one time will reduce a lot of life.

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