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Metal concept
Jul 10, 2018

Metal: Has the opacity, the metallic luster good heat conduction and the electrical conductivity and its electrical conductivity reduces with the temperature increase, the rich ductility and the malleable and so on characteristic material.

A solid (i.e., crystal) with a regular arrangement of atoms within a metal.

Alloy: Consisting of two or more metals or metals and non-metallic materials having a gold

of a characteristic substance.

Phase: components, structures and properties of the alloy.

Solid solution: is a (or several) element of the Atom (compound) dissolved into another element in the lattice, while still maintaining another group of lattice types of solid metal crystals, solid solution separation solid solution and replacement solid solution two kinds.

Solid solution Strengthening: because the solute atoms into the solvent lattice gap or junction, so that the lattice distortion, so that the solid solution hardness and strength, this phenomenon is called solid-solution hardening phenomenon.

Compound: The chemical composition of the alloying elements produces a new crystalline solid structure with metal properties.

Mechanical mixture: The composition of the alloy composed of two kinds of crystal structure, although it is two kinds of crystals, but is one kind of constituent, has the independent mechanical property.

Ferrite: The interstitial solid solution of carbon in the Α-FE (iron in the body-core cubic structure).

Austenite: The interstitial solid solution of carbon in the Γ-FE (iron in the cubic structure of the face).

Cementite: A stable compound of carbon and iron (FE3C).

Pearlite: A mechanical mixture of ferrite and cementite (α+fe3c containing carbon 0.77%) Martensite: Mechanical mixture of cementite and austenite (carbon 4.3%)

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